Where to Stay When Traveling to Barcelona


Barcelona will be the second largest city in Spain and a very popular destination among tourists and football lovers, because it hosts a number of FIFA events each year. It features a collection of international football stadiums which are packed full during football gaming events. Barcelona restaurants and hotels also receive lots of visitors when a local or international sport event is held. Barcelona even offers many nice sightseeing attractions accompanied by sport events, and there are plenty of points to see inside the city.

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Camp Nou will be the largest stadium in Europe and it is full during major football leagues and events. You will be happy to learn that there are plenty of nice and cheap hotels near the Camp Nou stadium if you are visiting Barcelona to attend the event and watch football games. Try the Madanis Hotel Barcelona which is located about less than half a kilometer from the stadium and you don't need a cab to reach it if you are a budget traveler. Madanis Hotel Barcelona is overall an affordable 4-star hotel with fine dining services and comfortable guest rooms.The hotel offers double and single bed guest rooms designed with nice facilities.
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To help you get started, this 4-star Barcelona accommodation has an excellent breakfast comprising of fruits andjuices and pastries, a variety of jams, dairy goods, some and coffee baked items. You can request it to be served in your room, though the breakfast is serviced in the hotel's hall. Additionally there is a café plus bar where you can enjoy your a, coffee and drinks few small snacks. But should you be visiting together with your friends or possess a big family you could be interested in researching their apartments which may accommodate approximately five people.

Another nice and affordable hotel located on the reverse side of the Camp Nou stadium in the Travessera de les Corts road will be the NH Rallye. The guest bathrooms, reception, dining and rooms area are common quite modern with use of free Wi-Fi inside the hotel premises. The hotel offers both standard rooms and suites, and there is also an outside pool around the roof as well as a gym. The amenities and services vary with guest rooms however, many common facilities incorporate a workingphone and desk, flat screen television, complementary newspaper, computer in selected guest rooms, mini refrigerator, other and bar useful services. The hotel also has a patio and a large dining area, and if you book your room during a special season you will get some discounts or special services and offerings at the NH Rallye hotel.

From both these two hotels it is possible to get to the stadium with few minutes of walking you save the amount of money on getting a cab. However, you can continue to use the local bus transport to travel the space of a single block which is less costly than a cab. Visiting Barcelona is very easy as there is a major Barcelona El Prat Airport where numerous airlines arrive from various parts around the globe and there is no shortage of cheap and affordable Barcelona hotels, suitable for tourists and leisure travelers. The metropolis even offers a mass transit train system which can be used to travel long distances for cheaper fares.

Try the Hotel Medium Monegal that is cheap, very affordable and suitable for tourists and travelers who prefer shelling out for visiting places and shopping than on investing in a guest room with shinny services. Your accommodation even offers branches in other cities. The hotel has standard rooms with no special kind of suites as it is build in a small building, but the guest rooms have a nice variety of services such as private bathrooms, free Wi-Fi, safe and air-conditioning. Additionally, there are some additional services which you can use like fax and printing, and rent-a-car service. This Barcelona accommodation doesn't possess a restaurant however, there is a breakfast area where you can enjoy buffet offeringjuices and coffee, baked items like cookies and dairy and pastries goods. There are numerous nice restaurants and café on the Plaça de Catalunya square and you may love the location of the place.


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